What if an adult or a child appeared flux ?

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all, from early childhood is known that the dentist must be at least twice a year, and this is the case, if the interval between routine inspections have no pain and no worries.Probably, if everyone kept this it is easy to install, it is likely to reduce the number of various dental sores, could have been at least twice.

However, most of us neglect this rule dentistry, perhaps because of the deep children's fear, which is not going away and carried with us into adulthood, someone blames a lack of time, well, someone who lives by the principle "maybe more, and stop. "


But it was not there!Toothache - this is one of those types of pain that can not be tolerated, it is imperative to refer to a specialist, who will be able to establish its causes and to save you from suffering.

However, not all act in such situations wisely delaying a visit to the dentist, they are not even aware that they themselves are preparing themselves for a serious test called "flux".By the way, as it often is called by t

he people, and this pathology in medicine referred to as abscess, in which laid all the basic essence of the disease.

If toothache haunts you constantly, enhanced by biting or pressing on the tooth, and is accompanied by inflammation and swelling of the surrounding tissues of the tooth, then most likely, you picked up the flux.What to do?


main cause of periodontitis in the adult is a tooth which was not timely cured of caries.Unfortunately, dental caries - quite insidious disease that is not always realistic feel, especially at first, and then it's too late.

That's why preventive checkups at the dentist - a really effective method of dealing with many serious dental diseases.Untreated tooth decay provokes pus, which first accumulates in the gums, causing noticeable swelling of her, and then tried to get into the jaw bone and escape.

This is a serious problem

the way, is a serious disease in children is not less common than in adults.The reason remains the same: tooth decay, though milk teeth is much thinner than regular, which contributes almost instantaneous spread of infection and, as a consequence, the development of flux.

also a common cause of this disease is mechanical damage, in particular, this applies to children: the habit of trying all the "taste" provokes micro traumas to the mucous membrane of the gums.If the infection gets into such microtrauma, the probability of occurrence of periodontitis increases significantly.

In fact, the causes that trigger the appearance of periodontitis, in any case, based on the entering of an infection, so it is important to monitor not only the health of the teeth, and oral hygiene.Putrid processes that originate in caries or gum pockets, provoke the formation and movement of pus formed by channels within bone.

pathological process provokes main symptoms: pain in the jaw, which develop into throbbing pain that can be given in the ear or on the neck.Often flux accompanied by increased body temperature up to 38 °, the pain is becoming unbearable, especially if delay the visit to the doctor.

The doctor will help

The main danger of this state - a complication which, if delayed treatment can result in the form of an abscess or cellulitis.

In fact, the flux is the same as an abscess, but with the difference that the purulent lesions may extend beyond the periosteum.

Cellulitis - a serious complication of flux, resulting in purulent inflammation spreads not only in the oral region, but also spread to other anatomical regions.In this condition there is a risk of blood poisoning that can be fatal.

But all this can be easily avoided if you start treatment appeared flux in time, while respecting all the recommendations prescribed by the doctor.

First Aid flux

Once again I repeat: the flux - it is not the disease, where it is possible to self-medicate, as soon as possible is necessary to see a specialist.But it so happens that a tooth ache or evening ahead of expected more output, which in some way have to survive with minimal losses for their own health.

If you are interested in how to cure the flux in the home, our answer is simple - nothing.It can only diminish the symptoms and delay the time, but it completely cured - it is practically impossible, because here you need surgery.

What not to do:

  • Putting hot compress or fasten the patient's cheek with a handkerchief or scarf.Effect of heat provoke a more rapid spread of pus that can lead to the above complications.
  • can not take any antibiotics before consulting a doctor.Receive pain medication should be stopped at least 3 hours before the visit to the specialist to diagnosis performance was the most accurate.
  • long as you expect to receive a doctor can be a little easier with the help of his suffering rinses and folk remedies.For this purpose, well suited decoction of sage, which has excellent antiseptic and wound-healing effect.You can use the most common means - gargling baking soda and salt - solution should be at room temperature, and the need to rinse your every 2 hours.You can use other herbal infusions, however, it should be remembered that this is not a method of treatment, but only an aid.

How to treat?

Once you cross the threshold of a dental office, you examine and diagnose.Normally, flux is treated by cutting the gums to remove all the accumulated pus, of course, the operation is done under local anesthesia.

Remove pus will not work instantly, so the cut is inserted into a small drainage, sterile strip, which will not close the gum certain time.Usually the dentist appoint antibiotic therapy, which can be different, depending on the individual case.

God bless you

Usually within 12 hours after the cut comes a tangible relief may be pain in the incision area, which should take place within 2-3 days.If after 12 hours of relief did not come, then you must consult your doctor immediately.To incision heals quickly, you can use all the same rinsing: broths based on sage and oak bark have a truly healing effect.