Top ampoules for growth and hair loss

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If your hair is not growing as fast as we would like, or drop out, it can be fixed.The preferred use vials.But which ones are the most effective?

What is it?

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Ampoules - a special active compounds, which are placed in a glass container.Such packaging makes use of convenient, can be used at a time, only the necessary amount of money and protects the active ingredients from oxidation or decay under the influence of external factors.


in ampoules for hair usually contains the following active ingredients:

  • Hormonal substances.Hair growth is largely dependent on the activity of hormones, hormonal components such that, in some cases actually help to stop hair loss and accelerate growth.
  • Vitamins, minerals, macro and trace minerals, organic acids.Some of them allow you to strengthen hair follicles and provide them with proper nutrition, as well as to restore the structure of hair.
  • plant components.Useful properties of some of them are unique and help to normalize the functioning of hai
    r follicles.
  • preservatives, emulsifiers, flavorings and other artificial additives.There will be less than in the composition, the better.

To help vials?

Ampoules are used for hair growth stimulation and its acceleration, and also to get rid of falling out.So if you notice that your hair is much fall, for example, after undergoing the disease, staining or any other procedure, after the winter, childbirth or lactation, hormonal disruptions and disturbances or after taking certain drugs, get a tool, itreally can help improve the situation considerably.

How to choose?

What ampoules help?What to choose?Pay attention to several important points:

  • Purpose and indications for use.If some means can be used in androgenetic alopecia, the other in this case would be ineffective, but help to strengthen the hair follicles and to normalize their work.
  • composition.As it should be as small as possible and especially artificial harmful additives.
  • Reviews.It is useful to ask the opinion of those who have already managed to test the action of vials on your hair.
  • hair type.All hair is different, and for each type characterized by its causes hair loss and growth retardation.For example, oily hair may fall out due to a violation of the sebaceous glands, and for thin and weakened certainly lies a problem as damage to the follicles or the violation of their work.

Effective means

What vials are the most popular?We offer you an overview.

«Densifique» by «Kérastase»

« Densifique» by «Kérastase» - a professional product line, which allows you to restore the density of hair and stop hair loss process.

Densifique » by « Kérastase »

The structure includes ampoules Stemoxydine active agent (5%), which allows to provide the ideal conditions for the activation of stem cells responsible for the restoration, the normal functioning of all tissues and youth.Also here it contains vitamins B5, B6 and B3, normalizing metabolism and cell regeneration, thereby ensuring the activity of the hair follicles.A texturizing polymer covers every hair, thickens it, protects and restores the structure gluing scales.

Use tool is quite simple.It should be applied to dry or damp hair a small number of staff (one or two vials, depending on the thickness and length curls).

First you need to put on the ampoule applicator greatly simplifies the application.Then simply spread the composition over the surface of the scalp, from the hairline and working your way to the back of the head.This is followed by massaging the head.Rinse with nothing.

As the reviews, the result is noticeable after only two weeks of use.And after 2-3 months of hair growth is much faster, and their density increases.

10 vials cost is about 2.5 thousand.

«L'Oreal Aminexil Advanced»

«L'Oreal Aminexil Advanced» - means for slowing down and preventing the loss caused by stress, seasonal changes, decreased immunity, climate change or malnutrition.


Aminexil The main component of the tool (1.5%), in the first place, preserves the elasticity and density of the skin of the head due to the stimulation of collagen production and thus ensures reliable fixation of each hair, and secondly, strengthens and nourishes the bulb.A nutri complex derived from omega-6, provides nutrition of hair roots.Alcohol improves circulation and purifies.

ampoule contents pipetted applied to the scalp and massaging distributed thereon.For uniform application can be divided into strands of curls.The hair may be either wet or dry.It is best to use the ampoule 2-3 times a week.

After two weeks of use you will notice the improvement of existing hair as well as the formation of new (the so-called vellus).

Price 10 vials of about 2500-2700 rubles.

«Vichy Dercos Aminexil»

«Vichy Dercos Aminexil» - means, the effectiveness of which has been appreciated by many.

It consists of already known to many Amineksil component, which prevents compaction of the tissues, because of which decreases the elasticity of the skin and weakens the hair follicles in the lock.This material softens existing collagen and stimulates the synthesis of new and provides power to the bulbs.

Vici Derkos Amineksil

linoleate glucose penetrates into virtually every root, and supplies it with nutrients and energy required for growth.Arginine normalizes microcirculation and improves the supply of oxygen and mineral components.In addition, with vitamins B6 and PP roots are able to supply complete and correct.

With moderate loss (eg, seasonal), use 2 or 3 capsules per week.And with heavy loss means better use daily.The course of treatment lasts from 6 to 8 weeks.Apply the product from the vial using the applicator to wet or dry hair, spread it all over the head massage movements.

numerous reviews, the most positive.The cost of 18 ampoules of about 3000-3200 rubles.

«Dikson Polipant Complex»

«Dikson Polipant Complex» - means to prevent loss and restore hair structure and stimulate their growth.

Composed of unique components: embryonic stem cells that literally launch tissue regeneration and the formation of new healthy cells, vitamins, feeding the follicles and roots, nettle extract, toning the skin, the alkaloid capsaicin, has a local irritant effect and thus improves blood circulation, andand wheat germ extract that provides structure recovery.

composition is applied to the scalp by parting and distributed over the entire surface.Hair must be clean.If a strong loss use vials better every day, enough for 2-3 applications per week for seasonal alopecia.Course of treatment 1-1,5 months.To prevent the composition may be applied weekly.

10 capsules cost about 2 thousand rubles.


«Rinfoltil" - absolutely natural product, which is composed of components such as peppermint, Chinese camellia, nasturtium, ginkgo biloba, ginseng and the extract of dwarf palm.


All these plant substances not only provide nutrition, and follicle structures recovery, but also have anti-androgenic effects, that is, to protect the bulbs from the negative influence of hormones.

How to use the tool?It is applied to the scalp massage.Enough 2-3 applications per week.The course of treatment lasts 1-2 months.

show reviews at the end of the course really stops loss in most cases.The cost of 10 vials of about 1,000-1,200 rubles.

Select the appropriate tool and stop hair loss!