Causes and treatment of severe male pattern baldness

Category Beauty And Health | August 12, 2017 18:13

The problem of hair loss every day facing a great number of men, according to statistics, only 20% of the stronger possible to preserve the integrity of hair for 50 years.

also confirmed by the fact that if in the past baldness overtaken men aged 35-45 years, today alopecia (from the Latin «alopecia» -. Baldness, alopecia) significantly younger and has 18-25-year-olds facevisible thinning hair.

Not to be left to the 50 years of completely bald, you need to think about the problem from an early age, especially if it is a major positive impact on your appearance.

Shampoo against hair loss - not always the best assistance to fight the cause of alopecia, in the first place, it is necessary to understand its causes, and after that to select effective methods of treatment.

first signs of hair loss

We all occasionally lose hair, which, in principle, is an absolutely normal process: 40-100 hairs that fell in one day should not cause particular alarm.The life of a hair is about 3-5 years, after which

it dies and falls, and from the same hair follicle grows a new one.

serious signs of male pattern baldness is hair that remain on the collar or shirt on the pillow, as well as a palpable visual thinning hair.

monitor her condition is necessary and in the event that there is a possibility of heredity (early alopecia father or mother), and at the first sign to take action.To cope with this problem, or at least, significantly to suspend its development, really, the main thing, just address it.

Causes of alopecia

men to choose the right treatment, it is necessary to deal with the causes of disease.Why is this happening?Unfortunately, this question is no single answer, but in any case, a state of permanent loss of head of hair - it is a bad signal, which may be indicative of internal diseases or lack of any useful elements in the body.

take action

So, anyway, this is a problem that is becoming for many men a serious psychological challenge, especially if it catches them in a particularly young age.So, what is it can be connected?

  • Heredity.That it plays an important role in determining the causes of baldness, which can be caused by an inherited gene for hair loss.In this case, an unpleasant process can begin at any time after puberty.Generally, localization falls on the frontal lobe of the head and then extend to the parietal and eventually, the hair disappear completely.
  • stress.Specialists have long noticed that during neural surge and severe stress is greatly increased hair loss.The fact that the state of stress adversely affects the blood circulation, which in turn leads to an insufficient hair nutrition, whereby they stop growing and die.
  • infections.Severe infections, especially those that are accompanied by high temperatures, as well as latent chronic infections, which occur almost imperceptible to humans.
  • Hormonal disorders, thyroid disease, especially its hypofunction (insufficient intensity of work), swelling of the thyroid gland and its increase.
  • Malnutrition, ecology.For a healthy and normal growth of a beautiful head of hair you need a proper diet, in which there is healthy food, vegetables, fruits and herbs in bulk.Lack of vitamins B, E and C, as well as lack of iron - is another common cause of the problem.

Types of alopecia

  • androgenetic alopecia.One of the most common types of male pattern baldness, which is triggered by a hereditary factor.The main reason - the action of the substance, which is the product of testosterone breakdown.When its amount in the body reaches a certain level, the longer hairs normally grow, and eventually, begin to fall.Effective treatment in this case, perhaps most importantly, that it was aimed at strengthening and maintenance of the hair problem area (usually the fronto-parietal, especially top).
  • diffuse alopecia.It is characterized by an even loss of hair over the entire scalp.The main reasons - hormonal changes, infection, skin diseases.In this type of baldness treatment should be constant and timely to prevent the development of irreversible effects.
  • Alopecia areata.It characterized by the appearance of multiple foci of alopecia, which as the disease can grow and merge together.It requires ongoing treatment under the supervision of a physician trichologist.

Treatment of alopecia

If the problem has already appeared, what to do and how to deal with its manifestations?Today, there are a lot of medical procedures that help to cope with the problem of loss of hair, you must choose the one that is least in the best choice for your situation.

For the hair must be fought

You can use the methods of physiotherapy, which, due to the physical effects on the scalp, improves circulation subcutaneous layer, increase metabolism, and contributes to a better penetration and absorption of nutrients.

It mozhetbyt iontophoresis, mikrotokovayaterapiya, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, vacuum massage and so on.All these methods are effective in the early stages of the disease, if the hair loss is impressive, these methods can not provide the desired result.In this case, the only way out of this situation could be hair transplant - a quick and painless procedure.

You can try to make use of external agents, the most popular of which - on the basis of substance drugs minoxidil, which contributes to increased growth of hair.

For men, it is a tragedy

Another option - folk remedies, the effect of which, however, is not immediately noticeable, and therefore it may appear that this is not the most effective method.For example, if baldness great help buckthorn: broth based on it must be rubbed into the scalp and swallow.

bad helps tincture based on pods of red pepper and vodka, the other option - onion, grated and mixed with honey.Gruel is necessary to rub into the roots of the hair 1 time per week.Wash the head with broth must be based on wormwood, sage, plantain and lungwort: 1 cup of mixture for 1 liter of boiling water.

Another popular tool - this is a common table salt.For this it is necessary to wash the head, and then for 10 minutes to rub it salt, and then rinse.The procedure should be done every day for several weeks.